Executive Members



Email Address

Gareth Jones President president@vernonminorhockey.com
Michelle Goddard 1st Vice President 1stvice@vernonminorhockey.com
Greg Louis 2nd Vice President 2ndvice@vernonminorhockey.com
Cheryl Roddis Secretary/Treasurer treasurer@vernonminorhockey.com
Drew Trainor 3rd Vice President - Sr. Div Dir 3rdvice@vernonminorhockey.com
Jamie Saxton 4th Vice President - Jr Div Dir 4thvice@vernonminorhockey.com
Les Hobenshield Equipment Manager equipment@vernonminorhockey.com
Glen Kuhnlein Risk Manager riskmanager@vernonminorhockey.com
Kevin Walters Association Development Mgr devmanager@vernonminorhockey.com
Jason Kasper Female Director   femaledirector@vernonminorhockey.com


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